BMS stocked with beer, food for Battle at Bristol


BRISTOL, TN (WJHL)- As the Battle at Bristol is fast approaching, Wednesday evening we got an inside look at what its going to take to serve 150,000 fans.

Bristol Motor Speedway is already stocked with more than 16,000 pounds of hamburgers, more than 25,000 pounds of hot dogs and about 5,000 turkey legs.

Unlike college football games in Knoxville and Blacksburg, alcohol will be served at BMS, including more than 500,000 units of ice cold beer.

Wednesday afternoon we walked around with Executive Chef for Levy Restaurants racing division, James Pierson, who said it was the calm before the storm.

He showed us just part of the beer that is stocked at the speedway, all together its close to 550,000 cans worth.

“Its kind of mind boggling, it took us eight hours just to get the beer off the trucks, and another day and a half just to get it in the concession stands,” Pierson said.

There are also concession stands filled with fan favorites, and around 150,000 soft drinks.

“All the hot dogs have been panned, for the most part all the pork has been smoked and pulled,” Pierson said.

Getting to this point has been around a year in the making, as Pierson said it is a calculated effort.

“We talked to the University of Tennessee and Virginia Tech about how much food do they consume. This is the biggest college football event, really probably the biggest event Levy Restaurants has done,” Pierson said.

As it gets closer to game time, Pierson and his team know they are in for long days, and nights.

“We are pretty sure Friday night were not going to go home, so I told everybody to bring a change of clothes, with the Kenny Chesney concert and then having to flip the infield and coming back first thing Saturday morning,” Pierson said.

Pierson said they are ready, and excited to take on college football’s biggest game.

“I cant wait to see the fans full, and see the actual kickoff,” Pierson said.

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