BMS preps for Bucs at Bristol


BRISTOL – Just a few days ago, Bristol Motor Speedway entertained over 150,000 fans for the Battle at Bristol.

Now, the speedway is helping the blue and gold get ready for their first game at the Last Great Colosseum.

One transformation that took place was replacing the Battle at Bristol centerfield logo with ETSU’s.

“We have premade stencils that we lay out and mark our perimeters and basically fill in the middle,” said Sean Morris, Director of Landscape Grounds and Sports Turf Maintenance at ETSU.

Gallons of gold and blue paint later and the 28 by 28 logo was complete.

“Us being able to put our logo, ETSU logo on the world’s fastest half mile painting the world’s coolest logo is a pretty surreal feeling,” Morris said.

But Bristol Motor Speedway’s Jerry Caldwell said preps are happening outside the field, too.

“We’ve got a lot of clean up going on right now, we want to make sure the facility is clean, concession stands have to be restocked that’s going on, souvenir stands need to be restocked, a lot of that stuff going on right now,” Caldwell said.

He also said security will be similar to the way BMS operates traditional events.

“Don’t allow coolers in and that type of thing, so come through the gates and we’ll inspect others and encourage you to bring as little as possible,” he said.

So with the stage set and the measures in place, game time is near.Copyright 2016 WJHL. All rights reserved.

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