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TRI-CITIES, TN/VA (WJHL)– Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, and for some people the highlight of the holiday comes in the form of black Friday (which is kicking off on turkey day once again, for many retail stores).

Here’s the scoop on where you can find this year’s big black Friday deals and some tips on how to survive the marathon event. Melinda Hite tells me she is one of the millions of Americans that see black Friday as more than just a shopping day; it’s a family tradition.

She said “It’s the whole experience– not just one item that you were coming for, because everybody thought that we were crazy for standing in line and fight the crowds, but it’s just all part of the experience and the excitement and just the joy of Christmas.”

And Susan harp tells me; it’s also an experience for the retailers, as well. Harp said, “It’s a lot of fun– we call it the magical day because we try to look at it really positive and then it’s the biggest day of sales for the year so we start prepping weeks in advance.”

In recent years many people have opted to do their Christmas shopping online. Harp explained, “That right there has kind of kept crowd management a little bit better so that we’ve had a more safe and secure atmosphere for the guests.”

But for shoppers like Melinda Hite—cyber deals just won’t do. “I like to touch, I like to smell, I like all the glitter and the bling and the excitement. And like I said it’s an experience—you don’t get that online” Hite said.

Advertisements for this year’s black Friday deals are already being revealed. A few popular department stores—such as Kohl’s, Macy’s and Belk have already released ads featuring their black Friday specials.

While a few of the most popular black Friday destinations—including target, Wal-Mart and best buy have yet to release what their deals include. But according to, those retailer’s black Friday ads could be leaked online—any day now.

Update! The following ads have also been leaked:

Target’s Black Friday ad has been leaked:

Best Buy’s Black Friday ad:

Hit said she thinks “it’s just different strokes for different folks– and that’s why it’s such a great experience for black Friday because there is so many choices.”

If this is your first year venturing out on black Friday—here’s a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Get a game plan together by:
  • Checking your local black Friday ads
  • Looking up the store map to see where the items that you’re looking for will be located.
  • Tag team with a partner
  • If the checkout line is long, one person stand in line while the other shops and then trade places.
  • And one last thing…

“Come in with expectations of okay, there’s going to be a line, but lets have fun, lets enjoy it. Think of ways that you can just help spread joy and the real reason for the season” Hite said.

And certain retailers—like Target, offer shoppers the option to create a wish list of items that they want– so that the stores can make sure they stock enough of the items that are most popular.

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