UNICOI COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL)- Rocky Fork State Park has introduced an all-terrain wheelchair that will be accessible for park lovers with physical limitations.

The Friends of Rocky Fork State Park was awarded an $18,000 grant that will be used to implement the “Enhancing Accessibility to Nature at Rocky Fork State Park” program. The funds received will allow the park to purchase all-terrain wheelchairs for people to use free of charge.

Tim Pharis, Rocky Fork Park Manager said he wants to allow everyone access to the park’s natural beauty.

“This our way to be more welcoming and inviting to all the people who might want to come out to the park,” said Pharis. “Just because you may not have the means to walk five or six miles doesn’t mean you don’t need to come out and enjoy the beautiful creeks and waterfalls and the gorgeous mountains in Unicoi County.”

Three out of the seven main trails at the State Park are all-terrain wheelchair accessible. The wheelchair can cross over shallow streams, logs, and other rough terrain.

Pharis said he wanted to make sure that the all-terrain wheelchair could get to all of the best parts of the park.

“This wheelchair has about a six mile ability, so we’re making a custom map of trails that we are going to let it go on,” said Pharis. “People can still get out fish, see the creek, and experience nature at its finest.”

The wheelchairs will be free of charge but reservations are required. Carrie Hovey, President of The Friends of Rocky Fork State Park said they are still working out the details for online reservations.

“Right now it’s emailing our park manager, Tim, if you’re interested in using one,” said Hovey. “He will make arrangements to have it at the park.”

Rocky Fork State Park hopes to develop more wheelchair-accessible trails and hopes to obtain more all-terrain wheelchairs.

“We hope that people will come out and enjoy it and it will be successful,” said Hovey. “And maybe we can make recommendations for other state parks so it’s just a start.”

If you are interested in making a reservation for an all-terrain wheelchair you can email Tim Pharis at Tim.Pharis@tn.gov.