911 calls shed light on accused Antioch shooter’s past


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – For the first time, we are hearing the voice of Emanuel Kidega Samson, the man accused of entering Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch and opening fire, killing one and injuring seven others.

Long before Samson, 25, went on the shooting spree last Sunday, both he and his ex-girlfriend called Murfreesboro police on different days to report a domestic disturbance.

On Jan. 29, the ex-girlfriend dialed 911.

“Hi. Can you send an officer over to 235 N. Rutherford?” the ex-girlfriend asked a dispatcher. “This is a domestic violence.”

“Have you been assaulted?” the dispatch asked. “No, but it’s really bad, like he’s yelling, and it’s really like scared me, and he hurt some of my stuff, like threw it around,” the ex-girlfriend said.

Police arrived, but no charges were filed.

The ex-girlfriend told the dispatcher she thought Samson was going to hurt himself.

“[He] scratched my arm, but he just tried to yank my phone out of my hand when he scratched my arm, he really wasn’t trying to harm me. I think he’s going to harm himself more,” the ex-girlfriend said.

“What makes you think he might harm himself,” the dispatcher asked.

“He hit the wall and my TV and his hand is bleeding right now. It may be broken; I’m not sure,” the ex-girlfriend said.

On March 11, Samson was the one calling 911.

“Yeah, I’m at my home right now and my ex is trying to force her way into my home and threatening to damage me and my property and what not,” Samson told the dispatcher.

The ex-girlfriend was still there.

“She was beating on my door,” Samson said. “I opened the door and she tried to force her way in here. I let her know that she wasn’t welcomed and I didn’t want to see her and what not and she said, she was yelling and cursing stating that she doesn’t care if I called the cops or what not.”

No charges were filed in that case either.

Back in June, Samson’s father went to Murfreesboro police to report his son may be trying to attempt suicide.

He told police his son had four to six guns at his apartment, and he didn’t think his son should have guns.

Police apparently told the father that if Samson wasn’t a convicted felon or suicidal, there wasn’t much they could do.

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