Rev up your engines and take our 2018 Auto Racing Challenge! 

Who do you think win each race? Can you guess the top 10? 

Each correct pick is worth 20 points. The closer your guess, the more points you will win!

Make sure to come back often to play. 

The top winner of the local game will win gift cards from our local sponsors. 

The overall season winner will receive the following from our sponsors:

  • Dalton Direct -- $100 Visa Gift Card 
  • Volunteer Pawn -- $100 Gift Card to Volunteer Pawn  

Here's How it Works: 
To enter, fill in the entry form and select your predictions for the top 10 drivers for each of the upcoming NASCAR races. Each correct pick will be worth up to 20 points with a total of 200 points possible for each race depending on how close the auto racing driver actually ranks. By guessing correctly a driver and their position in the top 10 you will get 20 points for that driver. If you guess a driver to be in 10th place, and they get 5th place, you will get 15 points. Another example is if you guess a driver to get first place and they get 3rd, you get 17 points. The closer you are to the correct position, the more points you receive. The one who receives the most points during the full 2018 season will be the overall season winner! 

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