Kingsport wins second round of Long Island Iced Tea battle

KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) - Kingsport redeemed itself Friday in the Long Island Iced Tea Challenge, but will not be able to declare itself the victor.

After losing round one to New York, the Model City was deemed the winner Friday in round two of the challenge. 

The battle began earlier this year when Kingsport made the claim that Long Island iced tea was born in the 1920s on its Long Island, which sits in the middle of the Holston River. Long Islander's of New York, however, believe the drink was created on their home turf back in 1972. 

So, the two sides agreed to a competition to determine whose Long Island iced tea is best: Kingsport's or New York's.

For round one, Kingsport traveled to New York but was dealt a loss when a blind taste test deemed New York the winner. 

But round two of the challenge took place Friday in the Model City and Kingsport walked away victorious. 

Friday's win makes it tie between New York and Kingsport. 

It is unclear if there will be tiebreaker. 

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