Walmart kicks off Children's Miracle Network drive at Niswonger

JOHNSON CITY, TN - A very special annual campaign started up today that will, for the first time, have a direct impact on a local children's hospital.  

Monday kicks off the annual Children's Miracle Network Hospitals' Walmart campaign, which runs through Sept. 30 at Walmart and Sam's Club stores. Money raised at Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia Walmart stores goes directly to benefit the sick and injured kids treated by Niswonger Children's Hospital. Funds are used to pay for a variety of the children's hospital's needs, including equipment, research, supplies and charitable care.

"For so many years, they have been a great supporter of Children's Miracle Network so it is very exciting this year that Niswonger Children's Hospital is now in affiliation and will directly benefit from the funds that they raise,", Niswonger Children's Hospital CEO Lisa Carter said, "They go all out, they are engaged, all of their team members are engaged and it is really exciting to be able to partner with them to provide this service."

The Children's Miracle Network campaign is the largest that Walmart US and Canada along with their partners at Sam's Club take on each year. Many are excited that Niswonger is now a CMN affiliate hospital.

"We're even more excited this year because it is in our own back yard.  We get to work with Niswonger and the money doesn't only stay in our community regionally, but right here in our own back yard,", W. Market St. Walmart Manager Emily Bowman said, "We had a member of management that was born a one pound baby and now you would not know that just by meeting him.  Right now, we have an associate in our garden center whose grandson has been treated here as well. I could go on and on, we probably have 10 or 12 families in our store that have been touched by Children's Miracle Network."

As customers are checking out, they will be asked if they want to round up your change or if they want to make a donation. Any little bit helps and it will go directly to Children's Miracle Network. Walmart and Sam's Club have a very special goal for this year's campaign.

"We are encroaching on our $1 billion mark with Walmart US and Canada and our Sam's Club partners to reach $1 billion this year. We can't do it without the community so that is our goal. To reach that $1 billion mark this year,", Bowman said.

The campaign runs through Sept. 30.

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