Termination letter reveals why former Carter County Deputy Nick Andes was fired

CARTER COUNTY, TN - Although a former Carter County deputy was cleared of wrong-doing by a grand jury following an investigation involving an alleged assault, tonight he's off the force.

Former Carter County Deputy Nick Andes was fired last month after an incident involving a child.

News Channel 11 obtained Andes' personnel file and a letter of termination which details why he was fired from the sheriff's office even though a grand jury cleared him of any wrong doing.

The termination letter addressed to the Carter County mayor says Andes was terminated for "unbecoming conduct, excessive force resulting in injury, commission of a misdemeanor and commission of a felony.

We reported in July that the grand jury found no evidence of wrong doing and did not charge Andes with any crimes. 

After Andes was cleared by the grand jury the sheriff's office launched its own investigation. Inside Andes personnel file is a summary of that report. 

That summary says the complainants allege they were cursed and threatened by Deputy Andes 

The Sheriff's Office internal investigation report says evidence supports this allegation to be correct according to deputy Andes own statement...thus resulting a violation of general order- unbecoming conduct. 

The internal investigation also revealed complainants allege they were assaulted in may we spoke with a least one complainant 10-year-old Caden Ray 

"He grabbed me by shirt," Caden Ray said. 

According to sheriff's investigation  evidence supports this allegation to be correct but the reports says Andes denies touching juvenile, admitting only this his actions caused the child to fall down. According to the Sheriff's Office this is in violation of general orders-unbecoming conduct, excessive force resulting in injury,  and commission of a misdemeanor.

Finally that same child's father alleged Deputy Andes pulled a gun on him. The Sheriff's Office investigation ruled that  evidence supports that allegation.

Deputy Andes said he felt threatened and drew his weapon but the sheriff's investigation ruled that a violation of general orders- unbecoming conduct, and commission of felony. 

We reached out to Andes attorney about the findings of this report and that termination letter, he gave us this statement, "We are appealing Nick Andes termination to the Carter County Civil  Service Board."

News Channel 11 did reach out to the Carter County's Sheriff's Office about this termination letter but was told Sheriff Dexter Lunceford would not be making any comments on that letter.

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