State study on accident prone 11-W scheduled for early November, accident victims call for change

HAWKINS COUNTY, TN - A week after News Channel 11 learned the state is looking into safety concerns on highway 11-W, state officials say a site visit will take place in early November.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation says they will make a stop in Hawkins County in November to visit the stretch of highway 11-W between Rogersville and state route 70.

A family involved in a crash is speaking with news channel 11 about the dangers on 11-W.  Though its been three months, the horror of that Friday night crash back in June is still fresh in Jeremy Pell's mind. 

"That stretch of highway is dangerous," Pell said.  

He was traveling on 11-W in Rogersville East of West Main street with his wife and two children in the car when the accident happened. 

"The truck came out of no where and it crossed the continuous turning lane and it hit the car in front of me head on at full speed, it happened so quick and my next memory was knowing that the truck  was getting ready to barrel roll and come into my windshield and come into the roof of my vehicle," Jeremy Pell said.  

This gripping photos capturing only a fraction of Jeremy's experience, to this day he says his family counts their blessings. 

"Physically we had a few minor injuries but you know very thankful to god that no one was seriously hurt in our car with our family," Pell said. 

But others were hurt, in fact three people in another vehicle that were struck head on were killed, Jeremy is hoping that the state study will prompt changes. 

"Something definelty needs to be done i think the study should be in basically and now we just need to get something done through that stretch of highway there," Pell said. 

So far this year six people have lost their lives along that stretch of highway that runs through Hawkins county.

According to TDOT, the study will have particular focus on U.S. 11-W near W Main street in Rogersville. 

Jeremy says he believes something should be done to help keep people who travel that stretch of highway safe but in the mean time he warn's those who travel it often. 

"Go a different way, no matter how safe you drive, no matter how much you pay attention that road is dangerous," Pell said. 

His heart also heavy, thinking often about those in the car ahead of his who lost their lives. 

"My heart goes out to the families and our thoughts and prayers are definitely with them," Pell said. 

The study along 11-W in Hawkins County is expected to happen November 8th. 

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