Parents concerned over response to threat DCHS administrators, sheriff call "not credible"

A hand-written message found in a boy's bathroom at David Crockett High School on Tuesday threatened a shooting at the school. This prompted reaction from both the school and the community as many students stayed home Thursday. 

"We would not have allowed school to open if we thought there was a threat," says an Assistant Director with Washington County Schools, James Murphy. 

DCHS parents and students are asking why they found out about the shooting threat on social media.

"I didn't hear it from the school I got a text from a friend saying they school has gotten a gun threat," says Heather Carver, whose daughter is a freshman at DCHS. 

"I feel like they should have at least notified the parents," says Faith Trivett, a DCHS senior. 

Murphy defended the actions of the school system, saying they followed protocol. 

"In the course of a day this is another thing that happens in schools. We just can't make the public aware of everything that happens in schools, it's impossible," says Murphy. 

Murphy says once a custodial worker found the written threat in the boy's bathroom, they immediately notified the Washington County Sheriff's Office. 

"The sheriff's department looked at it, investigated it and a determination was made that there was no risk for the students or the staff," says Murphy. 

While the threat was determined not credible, spreading concern on social media lead the school to bringing in extra officers.  

"The officers were there to alleviate any fears that came from this excessive posting on social media. They weren't there because of a risk in the school," says Murphy. 

Many in the community said they want to be alerted about these types of threats. 

"Maybe send out a text saying, hey- this is what happened," says Carver. 

"Even if that was a joke you still have to think about it as, what if it wasn't?" says Faith. 

The school system said they chose not to alert parents because it was not a credible threat. 

"Parents can be assured that there is a heavy mantle of security over the children and schools in Washington County," says Murphy. 

The Washington County School System confirmed attendance was down dramatically at school Thursday. Murphy said those student will not face any penalty for their absences. 

Murphy also said there will be additional deputies on campus Friday. 

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