Lottery proceeds to benefit multiple states; Students want larger scholarships

JOHNSON CITY,TN (WJHL) - South Carolina will receive $70 million towards education, just because the winning ticket was sold in that state. But, other states win too. $2.5 million will go towards education in Virginia and $17.8 million in the state of Tennessee.

"This jackpot run and the sales of all other Virginia lottery games is all part of that goes to K-12 education in Virginia, said John Hagerty, Virginia Lottery Spokesperson"

Virginia's Lottery proceeds for education is strictly for grades K through 12, Tennessee's lottery-based education money goes mostly towards college scholarships.

"All the lottery proceeds that came to Tennessee with these latest lottery winnings, said David Hawk, State Representative for District 5. "!00% of those funds will go toward lottery scholarships in the state of Tennessee for our students."

The Hope Scholarship is just one of fifteen lottery-based scholarships in Tennessee. The Hope Scholarship gives underclassmen  $1,750 per semester and $2,250 for upperclassmen.

The total cost of tuition at a state school is roughly between $9,000 and $10,000 a year.

"I feel like students should get more money in lottery scholarship because tuition is very high," said Markel Clark, a Tusculum Student.

Some students believe they should be seeing more money, especially coming from the lottery.

"They should probably be giving out more considering all the money that they have with the lottery," said Carter Mangel, a Tusculum Student.

State Representative, David Hawk, says there is no promise, but there are preliminary talks about increasing lottery scholarship.

In order to qualify for the Tennessee Hope Scholarship, you must:

  • Apply for FAFSA
  • Graduate from a Tennessee Eligible High School
  • Have been a Tennessee Resident for one year prior
  • Enroll in a Tennessee College or University
  • Must have a minimum of a 21 ACT score or 1060 on your SAT
  • Must have a minimum overall 3.0 GPA

More information on the Tennessee Hope Scholarship can be found here.

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