Justice for Shirra: crash victim's family raises money to find man responsible for her death

A year and a half after a Jonesborough woman was killed by a drunk driver, her family is still fighting to bring the man responsible to justice. 

Shirra Branum was 37 when she was killed by Alan Jacob Mogollon-Anaya who was driving under the influence according to the Washington County Tennessee Sheriff's Office. 

Branum's family spent Saturday afternoon washing cars at Old Towne Ace Hardware in Jonesborough to raise money. They want to purchase billboards and plaster Mogollon-Anaya's face across multiple states. 

WCSO says after receiving treatment for his own injuries following the crash, Mogollon-Anaya fled the hospital, and fled the state. 

"It's hard enough losing your child, but to know the killer is running free and living life to the fullest? It makes it 10 times harder," says Branum's mother Cindy Scalf. 

The hunt is still on for Mogollon-Anaya who was able to escape before an arrest warrant was issued. It took three weeks for a blood alcohol level report to prove his intoxication level, which was twice the legal limit. 

This is something Branum's family want to change.

They are pushing for new legislation, to be called Shirra's Law, so officers can get immediate test results for blood alcohol levels on the scene. This would allow for immediate arrests in DUI crashes. 

"I can't let my daughter's death be in vain. That is why we are pushing for the law and trying to raise money to get him brought back to justice," says Scalf.

Branum's son Randy survived the crash and wants one thing.

"That we catch him and we put him in jail for a long, long time," says Randy Branum. 

Mogollon-Anaya was awaiting a deportation hearing before he fled. This would be his fourth DUI offense while in the Unites States on a temporary work visa.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office believes he has family in Louisiana, where Branum's family hopes to put one of the billboards. 

"There's no closure. We can't even grieve properly until something is done," says Scalf. 

The family raised over 600 dollars at their fundraiser. 

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