Johnson City voted "Top Adventure Town" as outdoor tourism expands

Johnson City was voted the "Top Adventure Town" for a mid-sized city by Blue Ridge Outdoors, beating out cities like Knoxville and Chattanooga for the honor. 

The magazine shined a spotlight on Johnson City to their more than 350,000 readers. 

"For us it's a big deal because it really puts us on the map in a big way," says Jenna Moore with the Johnson City Convention and Visitors Bureau. 

This recognition is an honor the city has been waiting for. 

"This is like the third or fourth year we've been nominated and we've never won it. So to finally win it this year, we were thrilled," says Moore. 

The city believes this spotlight will boost an already growing tourism industry and economic development. 

"The more people want to visit here and play here, the more people want to live here and work here," says Moore. 

Whether biking, hiking, rafting or enjoying any of the outdoor activities the region has to offer, Moore says Johnson City is special. 

"What makes us so unique is the proximity of so many outdoor adventures to our downtown," says Moore. 

Tourism is the second leading industry in the state of Tennessee. 

Local businesses like the Atlantic Alehouse in Downtown Johnson City love the boost in outdoor tourism. 

"More people means more people coming to my business,' says Jacob Greib, a co-owner of Atlantic Alehouse. 

Greib says when outdoor tourism increases, so do sales at local businesses like his own. 

"I think the outdoor industry and beer tie together. It's camaraderie to go out and hike, spend a lot of time out there getting sweaty and it's always wonderful to come back and enjoy a nice cold pint, says Greib. 

Johnson City continues to brand itself as an outdoor town, hoping that the increasing local tourism market will continue to grow. 

"Whether you're a local citizen or restaurant, business owner, tourism helps everybody," says Moore. 

Read Blue Ridge Outdoors' full spread on Johnson City here

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