Hope House of Kingsport suffers severe flooding damage

KINGSPORT, Tn (WJHL) - The Hope House of Kingsport is recovering after flood waters damaged a potion of the home this past weekend.

The non-profit ministry provides women with support during a family crisis.

"When I got here, the house from the back looked like it was sitting in a rushing lake," said Victoria Heinz, Hope House Executive Director.

The nearby creek overflowed with rain water around mid-day Saturday morning.

"The power of the water actually broke the doors open and it just started pouring in," said Heinz. "We ended up with about two feet in the entire lower level of our home."

There was one person occupying the one bedroom apartment on the lower level.

She had to leave her belongings behind as she got to higher ground.

The lower level was still drying out as of Tuesday morning.

The kitchen, a bathroom and a large amount of baby supplies were all damaged by the flood water, along with the countless items that were lost. 

"It's kind of sad coming over here today becuase the house has never been evacuated before and we're just really anxious to get our ladies back under one roof and safe and sound here," said Heinz.

The ministry serves up to 12 individuals with their children in its long-term residential program.

It is aimed at assisting women in crisis pregnancy situations and families struggling to meet the needs of young children. 

"Unfortunately, this is one of the worst ones since this rain hit the last few days," said Cory Martin.

C&C Restoration was on site Sunday and will continue working on the home throughout the week.

"We went up four feet on the dry wall and removed all the content," said Martin, "sprayed it with some antimicrobial, make sure no growth or anything like that happens."

Heinz said in the the 17 years the Hope House has occupied the space, she has not seen flooding this bad, but is confident the staff and women at the home will get through it.

"You realize you just need to have a reliance on God and trust in Him in times of hardship," she said. "You never know what tomorrow holds, so be thankful for each day and live this one as if it's your last."

Heinz said the main priority is to make sure the house is safe for the women to move back inside.

However, the lower level will not be able to be occupied for a long time.

The Hope House is currently in need of donations and baby supplies.

You can go to HopeHouse.us/give to help out. 


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