Government review underway of open burning at U.S. Army installations

Kingsport, TN - A review by the office of inspector general will investigate the U.S. Army's practice of open burning of ammunitions and explosives.

For years, the Army has conducted open burns at facilities across the country including one in Kingsport.

Last November, a News Channel 11 investigation revealed the United States Army conducts open burns of ammunition, explosives and sometimes contaminated waste at Holston Army Ammunition in Kingsport.

It's not clear if Holston Army Ammunition will be included in the review.  "Holston AAP has not been contacted," said Justine Barati, Director of Public and Congressional Affairs, Joint Munitions Command when asked about the review by News Channel 11.


The Associate Press reports a U.S. Army installation in Radford, Virginia is part of the Inspector General's review.

While open burning is prohibited across the country, it's legal on Army sites because the military says it's the safest possible method for disposal.


Environmental groups have fought the practice for years.

Now, the Congressionally requested investigation by the Inspector General of the Department of Defense will review the practice, collect date, and consider suggestions from management.  

Clear here to read the Office of Inspector General announcement.

"We will perform the evaluation at select active DoD ammunition plants or other facilities where open burning or open detonation are conducted to dispose of excess conventional ammunition and explosives," the Deputy Inspector General announced on August 10th.  "We will also collect data about inactive sites where open burning or open detonation were performed in the past from relevant DoD agencies, organizations, and databases. We will consider suggestions from management on additional or revised objectives or for future evaluations."

This is a developing story.  Check back for updates from News Channel 11.

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