BMS creates first of its kind women's club called 'High Banks and Heels'

BRISTOL, TN - Bristol Motor Speedway has started a new women's club called 'High Banks and Heels'. This is the first of its kind in NASCAR and it was created to give women coming from all over an opportunity to get together and share their passion for racing and Bristol Motor Speedway.

"One of our team members had seen women's clubs in NFL context and kind of thought 'you know, we have a lot of women that come to the races and we want something that's kind of special for them,' and came up with the concept of having a women's club at Bristol Motor Speedway and we just all got together and put it together from there," said Julie Bennett, VP of General Council at BMS.

For the inaugural year, it is a $35 fee and you will be given a clear purse with the 'High Banks and Heels' logo that is filled with goodies, along with a bumper sticker and discounts for souvenir and concessions purchases. Members will also get the opportunity to purchase tickets for exclusive events at BMS.

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