BRISTOL, Va./Tenn. (WJHL) — State Street in Bristol has already faced difficulties with mandates being tighter on the Virginia side of the road compared to the Tennessee side.

“It does make it a little different and harder on the Virginia side trying to mandate that law and make sure that we’re keeping all of our customers safe,” said co-owner of Willow Creek Antiques, Christopher Brackett.

All small businesses on both sides of the street are trying to do their part to keep employees and customers safe.

”We sanitize and disinfect continuously, ” said Karen Hester, owner of Cranberry Lane and Southern Charm. “We practice social distancing. You know, we clean the counters and the registers after every customer”

Now, a modified stay-at-home order in Virginia will require people to stay in their home unless they are getting food, seeking medical attention or traveling for work between midnight and 5 a.m. each day.

“Most of the businesses close at 5 o’clock in downtown Bristol, but there are those that it will hit their business, and you know there are small businesses that will definitely be impacting but it’s the right thing to do,” Said Brackett.

The businesses that will be affected are bars and restaurants.

The new order also expands the state’s mask mandate to include all shared indoor settings other than your own home.

”It’s the holidays,” explained Brackett, “Of course, this is one of our busiest times. So, I think will see some definite changes.”

Gov. Northam said these new orders are being put in place as new daily care numbers are higher than they have been at any previous point during the pandemic.

“We have been in business at Cranberry Lane for 21 years,” said Hester. “So we’ve weathered a lot of storms, but this was a very difficult storm that took place in 2020.”