Local 6-year-old tested for COVID-19, mother said, ‘I should have been taking this serious from day one’

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BUCHANAN COUNTY, Va. (WJHL) — A mother in Southwest Virginia is pleading with the public to pay attention to the warnings about the coronavirus and follow the advice of medical professionals.

Latosha Thornsberry spoke with News Channel 11’s Anslee Daniel and said her son Zain, 6, was the sickest she has ever seen him as he was being tested for COVID-19 at the Buchanan General Hospital in Virginia over the weekend.

“It just made me panic I guess a little more…just the fact that he was actually being tested for it,” Thornsberry said.

Source: Latosha Thornsberry

Thornsberry said Zaid has hydronephrosis, and a few other health issues relating to his kidney. She said her son had a fever and was extremely lethargic.

“We were staying home, just getting the necessities that we needed. We didn’t think that it was that serious. So, when Zain started having those symptoms, I got really sick to my stomach and thought ‘I should have been taking this serious from day one,'” Thornsberry said.

“He had napped and he was still running a temperature. He was breathing really different. It scared me so I started shaking him to wake him up,” Thornsberry said. “He had a cough, kind of like a tight… kind of where it would hurt your chest cough.”

Now, her family of five is quarantined in their Oakwood home for at least two weeks. Zain is alone in his room with little contact with the other members of his family.

“They’re not allowed to be close with Zain so we just try to keep the other kids protected just in case,” she said.

Her husband is unable to work his job in the coal mines while they wait the days out.

“My husband is out of work. He’s not able to work and we’re just like every other family. We do payday to payday so that’s going to be a little tough for us,” she said.

Zain was given Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate and Azithromycin. Thornsberry believes they are working since her son is feeling more like his six-year-old self. She says he is still a little tired.

But she also believes prayers have helped to get them through.

“If it comes back positive Thursday…I just know that we beat it and got over it and that it was God that brought us through it,” Latosha says.

They expect Zain’s results to be in by the end of the week.

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