NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) — The Tennessee Department of Health reported 100 new COVID-19 cases, one new death, and 80 new inactive/recovered cases in Northeast Tennessee on Monday.

In the past three days, the region added 322 new cases and one new death.


As of today, 236,887 people, or about 46.8% of the total population, in Northeast Tennessee are fully vaccinated.

Hawkins County reached a milestone on Friday with 40% of the county’s population now fully vaccinated.

There were 2,562 new vaccinations over the past week, up 58% from the previous seven-day period and up 90% from about a month ago. The increase is likely due to the expansion of vaccine eligibility to include 5–11 year-olds.

New Cases

New cases reported today by county: Carter +6, Greene +6, Hawkins +15, Johnson +7, Sullivan +34, Unicoi +1, and Washington +31.

Three-day new cases:

Carter: 28 new cases
Greene: 28 new cases
Hawkins: 31 new cases
Johnson: 18 new cases
Sullivan: 122 new cases
Unicoi: 9 new cases
Washington: 86 new cases

Over the last seven days, Northeast Tennessee added 997 new cases. During the seven days prior, the region reported 860 new cases.

There have been 91,769 cases reported in Northeast Tennessee since the pandemic began.

Community Spread Rate

Red indicates high transmission (≥100), orange indicates substantial transmission (50-99.99), yellow indicates moderate transmission (10-49.99), and blue indicates low transmission (0-9.99).

All seven counties are experiencing “high” levels of community transmission, based on CDC community transmission indicators.

Johnson County currently has the highest 14-day new case rate and fourth-highest seven-day new case rate in the state.

New Deaths

New deaths reported today by county: Hawkins +1.

Johnson County continues to lead the region in seven-day COVID-19 deaths per population.

Over the last seven days, Northeast Tennessee reported 14 new deaths. During the previous seven-day period, 23 deaths were reported.

There have been 1,530 deaths reported in Northeast Tennessee since the pandemic began.

Active Cases

There are currently 1,526 active cases in Northeast Tennessee, up 19 cases from yesterday.

Johnson County continues to have more active cases per population than any other Northeast Tennessee county.

COVID-19 in Tennessee

The Tennessee Department of Health reported 734 new cases statewide, increasing the state’s total to 1,297,472 cases.

The health department also reported 4 new deaths, bringing the state’s total to 16,683 deaths.

There are currently 12,122 active cases in Tennessee, up 105 from yesterday.

Health officials have reported 1,268,667 recoveries in Tennessee since the pandemic began.

The following data were reported: (number in parenthesis is change since yesterday)

Northeast Tennessee
Total cases: 91,769 (100)
Inactive/recovered: 88,713 (80)
Deaths: 1,530 (1)
Active cases: 1,526 (19)

Carter County
Total cases: 10,693 (+6)
Inactive/recovered: 10,365 (+2)
Deaths: 221 (0)
Active cases: 107 (+4)

Greene County
Total cases: 13,990 (+6)
Inactive/recovered: 13,542 (+14)
Deaths: 246 (0)
Active cases: 202 (-8)

Hawkins County
Total cases: 10,476 (+15)
Inactive/recovered: 10,131 (+12)
Deaths: 176 (+1)
Active cases: 169 (+2)

Johnson County
Total cases: 3,791 (+7)
Inactive/recovered: 3,579 (+9)
Deaths: 52 (0)
Active cases: 160 (-2)

Sullivan County
Total cases: 27,450 (+34)
Inactive/recovered: 26,524 (+20)
Deaths: 438 (0)
Active cases: 488 (+14)

Unicoi County
Total cases: 3,200 (+1)
Inactive/recovered: 3,099 (+1)
Deaths: 65 (0)
Active cases: 36 (0)

Washington County
Total cases: 22,169 (+31)
Inactive/recovered: 21,473 (+22)
Deaths: 332 (0)
Active cases: 364 (+9)