New outbreaks also jump in region over past week

RICHMOND, Va. (WJHL) — A recent spike in COVID-19 cases is beginning to show in Southwest Virginia’s reported hospitalization and death numbers.

The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) reported 24 new hospitalizations and seven new deaths in the nine-county Southwest Virginia viewing area Friday. The hospitalization total is the highest single-day number of the entire pandemic for the area.

The seven deaths equals the highest total since Jan. 23.

Those hospitalization and death rates were already much higher than the Commonwealth’s when case rates veered upward sharply between Sept. 8 and 15, increasing 40% in that week alone.

Over the past week, Southwest Virginia has reported 22.1 new COVID hospitalizations per 100,000 population — 2.6 times the state population-adjusted rate of 8.4.

Recent population-adjusted COVID deaths in Southwest Virginia are near triple the state rate.

That seven-day rate is the highest it has been in the region since Jan. 27

For the month, the rate of 58.7 hospitalizations per 100,000 is now double times the state rate of 28.9. It was 1.7 times higher 10 days ago.

Deaths per 100,000 are 7.9 over the past week in Southwest Virginia, 2.8 times the statewide rate of 2.8 per 100,000 population. That gap remains similar to the totals for the month of 20 in Southwest Virginia and 7.5 statewide.

The weekly death totals per 100,000 are the highest they’ve been since early March.

The seven-day new case rate has declined slightly over the past week regionally and statewide. VDH reported 244 new COVID-19 cases in Southwest Virginia on Friday and the spread rate is 574 new weekly cases per 100,000.

Southwest Virginia’s COVID community spread rate remains more than double the state average and is now higher than Northeast Tennessee’s.

That remains more than double the statewide rate, which was 266 on Friday.

Washington County, Virginia experienced five deaths overnight due to the novel coronavirus and reported 13 new hospitalizations as well.

Lee and Tazewell counties each reported one new death due to COVID-19.

Six new outbreaks bring region total to 10

The number of active facility outbreaks jumped from four to 10 with Friday’s weekly outbreak update.

All six new outbreaks were reported in nursing homes or other long-term care facilities.

They include:

  • Abingdon Health and Rehab (5 cases) and English Meadows Senior Living (fewer than 5) in Washington County.
  • Lee Health and Rehab (24 cases and between 1 and 4 deaths) in Lee County.
  • Nova Health and Rehab (12 cases, between 1 and 4 deaths) in Scott County.
  • Valley Health Care (9 cases) in Smyth County.
  • Dogwood Crossing Senior Living and Memory Care (20 cases, 1 to 4 deaths) in Tazewell County.

Virginia does not specify case or death counts when they are less than five. Valley Health Care had one of the deadliest outbreaks in the state last fall, and most of the others listed above had previous outbreaks as well.

Ongoing outbreaks are at Mountain View Regional Hospital (16 cases, 1 to 4 deaths) in Norton, Wise Primary School (8 cases) in Wise County, Kissito Healthcare Assisted Living in Russell County (18 cases, 1 to 4 deaths) and National Healthcare (25 cases), a Bristol nursing home.

VDH reported 636,958 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Commonwealth on Sept. 24.

According to VDH, the total number of confirmed and probable cases is 849.865.

VDH reports there have been 10,564 confirmed coronavirus-related deaths across the state.

Note: VDH does not report whether cases are active or recovered. County and community case totals can include active, recovered, confirmed and probable cases.

Bristol, Va. – 2,116 cases /152 hospitalizations / 43 deaths (9 new cases, 4 new hospitalizations)
Buchanan County – 2,096 cases / 129 hospitalizations / 47 deaths (12 new cases)
Dickenson County – 1,395 cases / 53 hospitalizations / 21 deaths (8 new cases)
Lee County – 3,293 cases / 130 hospitalizations / 52 deaths (20 new cases, 2 new hospitalizations, 1 new death)
Norton – 482 cases / 26 hospitalizations / 8 deaths (9 new cases, 1 new hospitalization)
Russell County – 3,257 cases / 146 hospitalizations / 46 deaths (20 new cases, 1 new hospitalization)
Scott County – 2,632 cases / 154 hospitalizations / 68 deaths (16 new cases)
Smyth County – 4,039 cases / 245 hospitalizations / 100 deaths (54 new cases, 2 new hospitalizations)
Tazewell County – 5,161 cases / 211 hospitalizations / 85 deaths (38 new cases, 1 new death)
Washington County, Va. – 6,732 cases / 529 hospitalizations / 131 deaths (39 new cases, 13 new hospitalizations, 5 new deaths)
Wise County – 4,499 cases / 212 hospitalizations / 118 deaths (19 new cases, 1 new hospitalization)

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