JONESBOROUGH, Tenn. (WJHL)- Along Main Street in Jonesborough is a former inn that dates back 220 years.

The ‘Chester Inn’ is now a state-owned historical site and as News Channel 11’s Kristen Gallant found out, some said its history includes some supernatural spookiness.

One of the oldest buildings in Tennessee’s oldest town holds over 200 years of history with the original part of the Chester Inn dating back to 1797.

“Dr. Chester got here in Jonesborough and realized there were a lot of people coming through and needed a place to stay,” said Anne Mason the Heritage Alliance Executive Director.

Some say those who stayed at the Chester Inn never left.

“Our first question, honestly we get when people walk through the door is, ‘is it haunted’,” said Mason.

The now state-owned historical site is a museum and office building and those who work there said they’ve has some unique experiences.

“They’ve heard footsteps and doors opening and closing,” explained Mason, “People saying their name and they look up and no one’s there.”

“They’ll be inside working and they’ll hear children laughing and playing,” said Robb Phillips, a paranormal investigator.

The Chester In has been home to many including Tennessee’s most prominent politicians.

“John Sevier, Tennessee’s first Governor, all three of Tennessee’s Presidents spent some time here- Jackson, Johnson, and Polk, Jackson spent the most time here,” Mason explained, “He was here at the inn once when there was a fire and he had to help keep the building from burning.” 

Mason said though no deaths were reported during that fire, “I’m sure at some point in that history someone passed away here but we’re not, we don’t know of any like tragic murder or anything like that that took place here.”

But for some reason, those spirits return to a place they visited several hundred years ago.

“Even though Andrew Jackson didn’t die in Jonesborough Tennessee, he died in Heritage, Tennessee, his ghost has been present in downtown Jonesborough throughout the years and he’s seen in different locations,” explained Phillips, “One of the locations that Andrew Jackson is seen is coming from the Christopher Taylor Cabin to the Chester Inn.”

Maybe that’s because there’s always room for a ghost or two at the Chester Inn.