JONESBOROUGH, Tenn. (WJHL)- Many people have walked the halls of the Jonesborough Antiques and Artisans shop in Downtown Jonesborough.

News Channel 11’s Kristen Gallant found out you may not be alone while shopping.

Jonesborough Antiques and Artisans holds plenty of history in what it sells, but the experiences you may have while shopping can be priceless.

“People seeing shadows moving through the room because there’s a lot of rooms here, hearing people walking around and they’re the only people.”

Those are just some of the experiences Anne Mason, the Executive Director with the Heritage Alliance says people have explained.

The building itself was built post-Civil War in the late 1800s.

For a long time, it was known as Shipley’s Hardware and then it became the Antique shop in the 1960s or 1970s.

Though the antique shop sees quieter days, many believe some old faces are still doing business there.

“There is a man that actually lingers on the stairs because this is a two-story building and he has been spotted several times by people,” said Kathy Shephard with East Tennessee Ghost Tours.

Shephard told a story about a woman who said she has experienced paranormal activity in the shop.

“We were going up the stairs and my little boy stopped and was talking to this man on the stairs and I asked him, ‘who are you talking to’ and he said, ‘that man’ and she didn’t see anybody there.”

The man with no name doesn’t do a lot of shopping for himself.

Perhaps he’s waiting on his wife to shop in the store.

“We don’t know why he’s there and he doesn’t seem to cause harm to anybody,” Shepard said, “He just hangs out.”

He’s not the only recurring customer.

On the top floor, the large windows offer a gathering place for the shop’s ghosts to watch downtown.

“The top left corner of the building is an extremely active hotspot in the building with reports of like women talking there when there’s no one else,” said Mason, “There’s chattering going on.”

So shop till you drop in this antique shop, but while you’re browsing the store, know there may be some customers lurking from times before.