The Snyder Family has been in the pharmacy business for over 75 years. Beulah Snyder was the founder with Snyder-Jones Pharmacy, which was in downtown Johnson City. Today, the Snyder Family runs four Pharmacies across the Tri-Cities. Clinchfield Drug located in downtown Erwin was established in 1938. This pharmacy still has the downtown feel with an active food bar serving lunch 5 days a week. In 1959, Hillcrest Drugs was the second pharmacy to open in Johnson City, followed by Piney Flats Drugstore in 1986, and then Blountville Drug in 1990.

Clinchfield Drug Company

Joseph C. Snyder, Jr. RPH

Joe was born and raised in Erwin until he left to attend Tennessee Military Institute in 1966. He later attended Memphis State University to complete his undergraduate work until he was accepted by Samford University Pharmacy School where he graduated in 1978 with a BS degree. After obtaining his degree, Joe returned to his hometown where he continues to work at the family-owned independent pharmacy in Erwin that was established in 1938.

Joe is married to Caralyn and has two children, Jay and Carleigh.

He enjoys mountain biking, hiking, hunting and fishing.

Blountville Drug Company

Jane Francis Snyder, RPH

Jane is a Registered Pharmacist with Blountville Drug Company. She has been the Pharmacist in charge since 1990. She has also done consulting for Sullivan County Health Department and Sullivan County Jail. Her commitment is to bring quality Healthcare to her customers in a personal and professional manner. Blountville Drug’s goal is to provide knowledgeable, prompt service in a friendly environment. Customers can feel comfortable asking questions about medications.

Jane has a passion for racquetball, biking, and gardening.

Education: RPH Samford University, BS East Tennessee State University, AA Sullins College.

Piney Flats Drug Center

Caralyn Sn, DPH

Hillcrest Drug Store

Doug Foster Austin, DPH

Doug and his wife Cuddy live in Johnson City. They enjoy spending time with their family and 3 children. They have 2 daughters, Sarah and Hannah, ad one son, Sam.

Doug is an outdoor enthusiast. He enjoys boating, wake boarding, and traveling.

Education: East Tennessee State University, Pre-Pharmacy. Butler University, B.S. Pharmacy

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