HAWKINS COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – After 911 received a silent call from a residence in Rogersville, police say they arrived to find an armed man that barricaded himself inside of his home.

According to a release from Hawkins County Sheriff Ronnie Lawson, HCSO deputies were dispatched to a home in the 2000 block of Pressman’s Home Road on April 9 after an open line call to local 911 services.

When officers arrived on the scene, Lawson said they saw Jamie L. McGuire, 43, sitting on the front porch of the house with a gun that appeared to be a shotgun next to him. Deputies on-scene said McGuire appeared to be talking to himself, and when officers spoke with neighbors, they were informed that he had allegedly been firing a gun around their homes and across the road.

When a deputy asked McGuire to come down from the porch, he allegedly grabbed the gun and threatened to shoot the officer before going inside the home. The release states that McGuire walked outside multiple times to threaten the officer.

In response to the situation, Lawson said other deputies were dispatched to the area as well as the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Tactical Unit.

According to the release, negotiations with McGuire continued for multiple hours as he stepped outside and threatened officers. Lawson said tear gas was deployed inside the home, which flushed McGuire out onto the porch where Lawson said “less lethal force” was used. Afterward, he returned into the home.

Eventually, Lawson said more tear gas forced McGuire back outside where he was arrested. As of Monday morning, McGuire was in an area hospital being treated for injuries.

Lawson said McGuire was already facing charges of Failure to Appear for Reckless Endangerment charges filed on April 4, 2022. Several other charges connected to the incident are also pending, according to the release.

This is an ongoing story. Details will be updated as they become available.