CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – 200 years of tradition are coming up on Sunday in the form of the Peters Hollow Egg Fight, and News Channel 11 has taken a look back to see what the Carter County mainstay has looked like through the years.

For the uninitiated, Peters Hollow residents and local enthusiasts have come together across two centuries to answer one question: Which egg is the strongest?

Each egg is knocked against another until one breaks. The unscathed winner moves on to crack another, and another, and another until it emerges victorious as the region’s strongest participating egg.

Event organizers have said that the event is the second oldest sport in the state, trailing just behind horse racing. Since 1823, local eggs have been cracked, crushed, mashed and otherwise destroyed in pursuit of Easter glory and community merriment.

April 11, 1993

April 16, 1995

April 14, 2006