GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) — If you’re looking to reach new heights on your vacation, why not try skydiving? jumpTN at the Greeneville Municipal airport will have you soaring Thursday through Sunday.

Before you can hit the air, there are a few steps you need to take ahead of suiting up.

“Once they show up, they’ll watch a brief training video, sign waiver paperwork and pay their balance,” said jumpTN owner Angela Alley.

Once you’ve taken care of the paperwork, it’s time for a little training on the ground. Instructors walk you through each step of the process and practice positions you’ll need to make.

Instructors will help you suit up in a jumpsuit and harness before boarding the plane.

Once aboard, you will fly above the airport for about 20 minutes before reaching 10,500 feet, at which point you’ll jump back down to where you took off from.

Before jumping out, you will be fitted with goggles and attached by the harness to the instructor.

Don’t expect that rollercoaster stomach drop during your 40 seconds of free fall. Before you know it, the parachute takes hold and you’re floating for up to six minutes back to the ground. Put your feet up for landing, and you’re back on solid ground.

jumpTN has been open and operating in Greeneville since 2015.

Beyond tandem jumps, you can train to become a licensed skydiver at jumpTN and even walk out with an edited video of your jump.

If poor weather prevents a jump, Alley said deposits are good for up to a year after purchase.

For more information on jumpTN and to book a jump, click here.