JONESBOROUGH, Tenn. (WJHL) – “This main street has seen a lot from the late 1700’s to today it’s extremely well traveled road. People are always coming through Jonesborough,” Said Heritage Alliance Executive Director Anne Mason.

U.S. History comes to life in Tennessee’s oldest town – you can get a look at the Christopher Taylor house – built in 17-77. Before becoming our 7th President of the United States, Andrew Jackson lived here. He called this place home in 17-88 while he practiced law in Jonesborough.

If you want to learn more about Jonesborough’s history, head on over to the Chester Inn. Built in 17-97 – it has housed a plethora of businesses. Now it’s a state historic site and museum which chronicles the history of Tennessee’s oldest town.

“I think that’s what people really come to see those moments in history played out here on Main Street,” Said Heritage Alliance Executive Director Anne Mason.

Quaint Colonial Shops are mixed in with the history. Restaurants feature Pancake House and Main Street Café. For the adults: Tennessee Hills Distillery. For the kids: a real live candy store with the Lollipop Shop.

“When they come back to Jonesborough they step back in time and I think it makes life feel a little more simple than it is today,” Said Cameo Waters, Director of Tourism and Main Street Jonesborough.

Jonesborough is also a piece of Americana. Festivals like Jonesborough Days in July and the International Story Telling Festival in October bring in people from around the region, country and the world

“A lot of people and it’s memories they make with their children and they come back for it every year,” Said Waters.

If you’re looking for an even slower pass, less than a mile from Main Street you can take a short hike through the woods to meet up with a walking path that will connect you with several parks throughout town.

“We’ve got a great park system here. We have 10 or so parks including the water park.
We have our nice parks where you can have a nice leisurely walk, and it just really adds to the living experience here in Jonesborough,” Said Parks and Rec Director Matt Townsend.

And for the really hot days, cool off at the Wetlands Water Park.

“7 acres. It’s basically made for families. We’ve got three flume slides, we’ve got two small family slides for anyone. We’ve got a zero depth wading pool, lazy river; great time to come out. Really relaxed,” Said Park and Rec Director Matt Townsend.

So whether it’s a ride down the slide a walk through the park or a walk through history, Jonesborough, Tennessee is a perfect summer stop for family fun.