(WJHL) — If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure without breaking the bank, look no further than Johnson City.

Boone Lake glistens after being down for years so crews could repair Boone Dam. This summer, let’s take in all it has to offer.

“Boone Lake is about 133 shoreline miles, ” said Rebecca Hayden, the TVA Director of Natural Resources.

You can start at the base of Boone Dam with a brand-new picnic and beach swimming area.

“You can come out and enjoy the water and have that lake access because this land is your land,” said Hayden.

Or maybe you prefer to be out in the middle of it. Rent a pontoon boat from Jays Boat Dock in Washington County.

“They tell me what time they are going to come to pick up the boat, and I have it ready usually down here at the gas stop with whatever they asked to be on it,” said Jays General Manager Cindy Light. “Then you get on the boat, and you’re ready to go.”

Ramp up your boat day with an intertube, a floating oasis or a calming get-together with family and friends.

After a day out on the water, grab a bite to eat at Nick’s Anchored on Boone.

“They specialize in chicken,” Light said. “Also, grass-fed beef burgers We also have salads — some unusual ones like with goat cheese and strawberries and candy pecans.”

Jay is just one of nearly a dozen marinas scattered around Boone Lake.

Whether it’s a day on the water or near the water, Boone Lake can keep you cooled down in the summer heat.