Raw Chef Jane shares her recipe for Greek tacos!

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RAW CHEF JANE’s Raw Vegan Greek Tacos

Yogurt Sauce (or, use your favorite plant based yogurt)

2 C Cashews
2/3 C Water
1 TBS Lemon Juice
A little Garlic, Himalayan Salt, and Freshly Ground Pepper, as desired

Blend above ingredients until smooth. Add 1 TBS Dill and incorporate by hand. If you need to add more water to get the texture you want, then add it a little at a time.


2 C Walnuts
½ – 2/3 C Sundried Tomatoes, rehydrated, well drained, loosely chopped
2 tsp Dried Oregano
1 TBS Finely Chopped Red Onion
½ tsp Cumin
1 Clove Garlic, Pressed
Himalayan Salt and Freshly Ground Pepper to your liking

Pulse Meat ingredients in a food processor until ingredients are incorporated. Do not over process, as the walnuts will become too oily and mushy.

2-3 Plum Tomatoes, deseeded and diced

Putting together:

You can use your favorite wrap, taco shell or lettuce leaf. I’m using Romaine Lettuce boats.

Put meat into your vessel, add some tomato on top of it with yogurt mixture, Chopped Kalamata Olives, Fresh Mint, Fresh Oregano and a little Fresh Thyme.

Garnish with Kalamata Olives, fresh mint, fresh oregano

Please remember that my recipes are a guideline, not written in stone. Measurements do not have to be exact. The measurement police will not scold you. If you don’t like a certain ingredient, leave it out or substitute with something else. I urge you to be creative by using flavors and textures that you enjoy.