(WJHL) Program coordinator Connie Deegan of Johnson City Parks and Recreation tells us about her upcoming hikes at Winged Deer Park in Johnson City to see the bluebell flowers.
Here are a list of dates and times for the hikes:
Saturday, March 25 | 10-11:30am
Saturday, March 25 | 1-2:30pm
Monday, March 27 | 10-11:30am
Tuesday, March 28 | 1-2:30pm
Wednesday, March 29 | 10-11:30am (Seniors)
Wednesday, March 29 | 1-2:30pm
Thursday, March 30 | 10-11:30am
Friday, March 31 | 1-2:30pm
Friday, March 31 | 6-7:30pm
Monday, April 3 | 10-11:30am
Please meet at Winged Deer Park Disc Golf Parking Lot at 204 Carroll Creek Road. The hikes are free and open to all ages.