GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) – All Greeneville City Schools students will continue to receive instruction online during the week of August 24-28, according to a release from the district.

The release says some students will begin transitioning back into school buildings on a limited basis while in small groups.

Starting August 31, Pre-K students will begin “staggered half-day” instruction at the schools. That instruction will continue through September 11.

Kindergarten students in GCS schools will also return to schools in A and B groups for half-days on August 31. They will continue that hybrid schedule through September 11.

GCS says options are being explored to bring back other elementary schools students for a hybrid plan. A 2-week notice will be issued to parents before any changes like that are made.

GCS students in grades 6-12 will remain fully online.

The release says individual plans are in development for high-needs students so they can begin in-person instruction on August 31 in small groups.

Greeneville High School students with scheduled classes at the Greene Technology Center will be allowed to attend hands-on classes on Wednesdays starting September 2.

A survey will be sent to parents of students scheduled to go to classes at GTC regarding transportation needs.