Williamsburg, Va. COVID-19 survivors ‘We have never been this sick’


Their message: "Do not go out, stay home!"

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (WAVY) – It’s no secret that coronavirus can be brutal, and it’s hitting our area hard. There are a number of people fighting the disease right now. Some have lost their lives, while others who survived are now sharing their stories of what they experienced.

Katie Collett spoke with one couple from Williamsburg now recovering from COVID-19. Kevin and Lisa Wilkins say they are thankful to be alive. There was a time during all of this, they didn’t think they would be.

It all started in the beginning of March when Lisa was sick with what they thought was an upper respiratory infection. She tested negative for the flu and was put on steroids.

As she began to recover, her husband, Kevin, became ill. He had a fever higher than 101 degrees, aches, chills, and more. He says he went to a drive-thru testing site in Williamsburg, and even though he had a majority of the COVID-19 symptoms, he had not traveled to a COVID-19 hot spot and had not been exposed to anyone who had contracted the virus as far as he knew. Because of that, and a test shortage, Kevin was denied the COVID-19 test.

A short time later, Lisa says she got sick again and the couple’s health began to rapidly decline.

“By the middle of that week, we looked at each other and said, ‘We’re too weak. We can’t do this on our own.’ So, our son drove us over to Riverside Doctor’s Hospital here in Williamsburg and they met us at the door and took us back and said ‘Yeah, we think you need to stay with us overnight’ and it went from there and they tested us for corona and it came back positive,” says Lisa.

“It was the sickest we have ever been in our lives,” says Kevin. “We have been married 42 years. We have never been this sick. It was relentless fever, relentless body aches, chills that went on for days and days. We got to the point where we couldn’t eat, could barely get sips of water down. The weakness set in. It went on for a week and a half before we finally relented and said we can’t do this anymore. We were truly scared. We got to a point where we were afraid if we didn’t get attention we weren’t going to come out of this.”

Fortunately Kevin and Lisa did survive. They say they have no clue how they contracted the virus, and even though they are now technically in the clear, they say they are still weak and exhausted. They also emphasize that this is a very real thing and they ask that everyone stay home and follow social distancing guidelines.

They also say their adult son lives with them and has been caring for them. Kevin says their son is now in isolation in their home until 14 days pass and he shows no symptoms. Fortunately he still appears to be in good health.

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