Tri-Cities woman to be released from hospital in Japan after 2 negative virus tests; preparing to fly home


ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. (WJHL) – A Tri-Cities woman who has been quarantined in Japan has tested negative twice for coronavirus and is being released from the hospital.

Jeanie Hopland, wife of Dr. Arnold Hopland, will soon board a plane bound for the United States, Dr. Hopland told News Channel 11’s Josh Smith.

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“It’s like I’ve been holding my breath for weeks,” Dr. Hopland told Josh Smith. ” That was the news I wanted to hear. It’s been so hard to not be able to do anything to help my wife.”

Unfortunately, Dr. Hopland remains in his own quarantine.

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Dr. Hopland and his wife have been kept separate since she was placed in the hospital after a positive test for the virus.

Dr. Hopland said Jeanie is cleared for travel, the logistics of which are being arranged by the United States Embassy in Tokyo.

Jeanie’s travel time and date will be dependent upon flight availability and the completion of paperwork to release her for travel. Originally, the couple was told they were on a no-fly list because of their time spent on the cruise ship, The Diamond Princess.

Dr. Hopland remains in quarantine in a dorm room of a Japanese university about two hours outside of Tokyo.

While Dr. Hopland has not tested positive for coronavirus at any point, his time spent on the cruise ship means he cannot leave the country until later.

Dr. Hopland told Josh Smith that he believes he may not be released until March 8 or March 9.

“I am completely cared for and fine,” Dr. Hopland said. “I’m just relieved my wife can go home.”

Dr. Hopland told News Channel 11’s Blake Lipton Friday evening that he does have some issues about how the whole situation has been handled.

“Why they would make the decision that I should continue on that ship until the Japanese government forced me off it and at that point I still had orders from the CDC to remain their for another ten days,” he said. “I just want that message to be known now. I think it will come out in a Congressional hearing. But now, I have great relief my wife is safe.”

Dr. Hopland said he has not received any direct communication from the U.S. government, other than an email that was forwarded to him.

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