Local woman with Coronavirus removed from cruise ship in Japan, husband forced to stay


TOKYO, Japan (WJHL) – Dr. Arnold Hopland said his wife Jeannie has been removed from the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship for treatment after her Coronavirus diagnosis.

At 11 p.m. Sunday EST – 1 p.m. in Tokyo – she was in a holding room waiting to be taken to a hospital in Tokyo, Japan, he said.

Dr. Hopland, who did not test positive, was not allowed to leave the boat.

“Her biggest worry was having to leave me,” he said.

Neither of them have luggage. Everything they had with them on the trip was packed up and removed from their room to be taken to the airport for an evacuation flight. Moments before they were to leave, Japanese health officials informed them of Mrs. Hopland’s positive test. They couldn’t leave. Their luggage was gone.

Far more challenging, neither of them know how long they will be apart.

Dr. Hopland is hopeful the American government will remove all American citizens and manage their quarantines in the US. “My concern is that, if the current plan moves forward, untold people will enter the general population after being exposed to the virus on the ship,” he said. “And that could lead to even bigger problems.”

Dr. Hopland believes his wife and many others on the Diamond Princess were exposed to the virus because they were kept on the ship in an ineffective quarantine. “Had we been removed days ago, Jeannie and many others likely would be much better off,” said Dr. Hopland.

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