(WJHL) – Now that Boone Lake is filled to summer pool, people are going to be on the water skiing and wakeboarding. The return to the lake is a great opportunity for people to learn a different way to have fun behind a boat. The first weekend in June, organizers of the Appalachian Wake Surf Open are doing it for a great cause.

Joe Brown loves being on the water. He told News Channel 11 about preparing for the First Annual Appalachian Open Wakesurfing Competition.

“I’m far from a professional, but I really enjoy it,” he said. “I mean, I get out of the water and I’ve had more fun than the pros have. I mean, that’s what it’s all about is the smiles.”

The competition brings different skill levels and age groups.

“I have competitors out here who are eight years old, and then there will be those of us in our fifties,” he said.

No matter the competitor, the proceeds go to a great cause that allows people to participate in water sports, no matter their ability.

“This event is is going to be used to to help support a foundation that is outstanding,” Brown said. “That foundation is Operation Wake Surf. That organization is dedicated to providing events and stuff for first responders and military veterans.”

Operation Wake Surf puts disabled first responders and veterans on boats and pulls them on various wake surfing gear that has been remade to their ability.

“You can actually hold a conversation with the rider while they’re surfing, unlike wakeboarding or riding a tube where the people are so far behind you, you can’t communicate,” he said.