This story is part of Tri-Cities Best, a viewer-vote-driven section of News Channel 11’s community coverage.

(WJHL) – Tri-Cities residents have named some of their favorite sushi restaurants in the region, and now we need your help to determine which location is the best!

Voting will run until midnight on Feb. 19, and each participant can vote once per day.

You can find this round’s finalists below in alphabetic order:

Cafe One 11

Located in Johnson City, Cafe One 11 offers “neo-asian” cuisine with a blend of traditional and modern touches. The Chef’s Special roll is a customer favorite that offers shrimp, cucumber, tuna, wasabi aioli, spicy tuna sauce and eel sauce.

iEat by ChopstiXpress

While it now lives in The Mall at Johnson City, iEat was born as a collaboration between multiple businesses on Johnson City’s Commerce Street. Business owner Sari Maharani relocated to the mall and opened a full-service restaurant with a menu featuring multiple cultures.

Stir Fry Cafe

This Kingsport staple was born in Johnson City in 2004 but moved to the Model City in 2008. As the founding location of the Stir Fry Group, a powerhouse food service conglomerate in the Tri-Cites, Stir Fry Cafe offers gourmet sushi rolls in the heart of downtown.

Yuimaru Kitchen

Yuimaru translates roughly to the spirit of cooperation and food culture found in Okinawa, a prefecture of Japan, and Yuimaru Kitchen is the result of years of cooperation between partners Richard Nguru and Ryan Hojung Kim. The duo met each other in the kitchen and have worked together since.