This story is part of Tri-Cities Best, a viewer-vote-driven section of News Channel 11’s community coverage.

(WJHL) – Thousands of nominations have been cast, but only four finalists have been selected for the title of Best Pizza in the Tri-Cities. After counting over 2,000 nominees by hand, News Channel 11 can definitively say that Tri-Cities residents prefer these businesses:

Greg’s Pizza

Since 1963, Greg’s Pizza has offered a unique take on the traditional pie. Toppings go under the cheese and the whole ordeal is cut into strips rather than slices. The business operates two Tri-Cities locations.

Italian Pizza Pub

Italian Pizza Pub joined the local pizza scene in 1983 under the ownership of Burt Kordamiri. After decades of operation and a brief retirement, Kordamiri is back at the helm of the W Walnut Street classic.

Rocky’s Pizza

Rocky’s Pizza offers strip-cut pizza like Greg’s and has been in operation just outside of downtown Jonesborough for over two decades. The business’s menu focuses on custom-built pizzas, Italian sandwiches and a spicier spin on spaghetti.

Simm’s Pizzeria

Simm’s Pizzeria leans into the New York pizza tradition and has served the Tri-Cities since 1998. The business offers pizzeria classics like chicken wings and calzones as well.