Trail Notes: Black Rock Trail

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The Place: Grandfather Mountain State Park

The Hike: Black Rock Trail

For many of us, we hear Grandfather Mountain and think the bridge or the trail that hikers sometimes need rescued from. However, it’s more than just the bridge.

The bridge, McRae Meadows and the zoo are owned by the attraction. Many of the trails are in the North Carolina State Park. To access a couple of these trails, you either hike in after parking off property or pay the fee to get into the attraction.

Here’s some more facts about the state park.

I found myself at Grandfather Mountain attraction on what turned out a brisk, blustery day. My original plan was to cross the bridge and hike a bit of the Grandfather Trail. However, when the bridge finally opened, I got so nervous that I had to turn around.

After consulting the trail maps, I decided to go after the Grandmother View at the end of the Black Rock Trail.

According to N.C. State Parks, the Black Rock Trail is a moderate 2-mile long out-and-back hike.

The trail’s incline is gentle, however there are some rocky areas. The hike also includes walking across a couple small streams. You should also watch out for roots. I caught my foot on one and turned my ankle. (If you’ve read any of my other Trail Notes, you’re probably thinking that’s no surprise.)

There’s two great rock formations on the trail – Arch Rock and a boulder – Black Rock – at the end. The boulder you climb atop to see Grandmother Mountain’s profile.

The view from the boulder is awesome. The on a clear day extends for miles. I would suggest downloading an app like Peak Finder or Peak Visor. These apps use the profiles of the mountains and your location to show the names of each peak.

You can find a trail map here.

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