Sydney on the Trails: Paw Paw Creek, Warriors’ Path State Park

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KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) – Following heavy rain, it can be difficult to find a hike that is safe to explore. However, Marty Silver with Warriors’ Path State Park says the Mountain Bike Trail, which takes you all over the park, including Paw Paw Creek, is safe to do.

This hike can be as long or short as you want it, but with multiple connecting trails, it is very important to bring a map while you hike.

The hike at Warriors’ Path State Park is also one of the few that actually gets better with the rain. Silver says that, in cloudy conditions, you can expect to see more animals out moving, and the creek moving faster. Just make sure to always wear the proper footwear, as rain makes the trails extremely slippery.

While hiking the Mountain Bike Trails, it’s important to note that the trails are not made for hiking, but mountain biking. So difficulty ratings are based upon biking, and the trails are blazed for biking, which is a bit different from solely hiking based trails. Also, be cautious for those bikers on the trails while hiking, especially while turning corners.

While hiking along the trail, Marty noticed a vine that he says all hikers need to be aware of. Watch the video below to see what he was talking about.

Marty adds that it’s important for hikers to stay on the trails. There are a lot of endangered species of plants in the park that the trails help protect.

If hikers stray from the trails, there is a possibility they could be hiking on top of those plants.

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