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ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. (WJHL) – Finding something the whole family can do, that keeps you outside, doesn’t break the bank, and has an element of adventure, seems like an impossible find. However, one hidden gem in the Tri-Cities is aiming to offer all of that.

Off The Grid Mountain Adventures in Elizabethton has so many things that everyone can enjoy. From the longest zip line course on the East Coast to some very fast Go Kart, there’s something for everyone.

Starting with the 3 zipline course, riders will have to head up the mountain in what employees call ‘The Duce’. This massive, army style truck will take riders to the top, but be prepared for a very bumpy ride along, which takes about 15-30 minutes. Once at the top, riders get strapped in and then leap down.

This is something that Monie Mccouri, the Co-Owner of Off The Grid Mountain Adventures, says everyone of all ages can do.

“Our youngest zip liner so far has been 14 months and I get this all the time… ’14 months?’ Well they go tandem, so they’re hooked into their own harness, hooked into their own carabiners and into the pully along with the parents. So the parents will usually wrap their arm around the child so the child feels safe and secure but if they went like this, the child is not going anywhere because they’re securely affixed right there with them.”

As well as the zip lines being something little kids can do, Monie adds that it’s also ADA accessible.

“If you can ride around in a wheelchair, you can ride on a zip line. There’s no stress to the body, it’s just easy going, we do everything. We do the breaking, we hook you in, we receive you…you can literally go across our zipline asleep.”

Along with this being one of the longest ziplines on the East Coast, there are some other unique features that Monie says riders need to take advantage of.

“It’s a dual zip line. we’re the only ones around with this, dual 3,000 feet ziplines, the longest on the east coast, so you get to come up here and get to race with your family and friends. That is one of our unique aspects of our course here. It’s a team deal where you get to race and have fun.”

To hear more about the safety features, and what you need to know before you head out to zip line, watch the video below.

If soaring through the sky isn’t for you, there are other options for thrill-seekers to try. One of those being belaying! At Off The Grid, the belaying consists of walking up the tower, and then simply walking off.

“The hardest part is just stepping off the tower because you have to trust that this thing is going to hold you, but as soon as you step off it’s like, ‘really? okay.’ Because you’re really just dangling until you hit the ground,” explains Monie.

Then, if you have the stomach for it, there’s the Big Swing. With this, riders will be pulled to the top, where they pull a swing and are dropped a few dozen feet before slowly swinging back down to earth. Again though, if your one to get motion sick, this isn’t the ride for you.

And finally, there are the go-karts! Based on a small, oval-like track these karts move fast, something Monie says was very intentional.

“You have to be at least 16 years of age with a little bit of driving experience to drive these because they’re fast. Most go-kart tracks around the county, the insurance companies require it to be 22.5 mph, these will hit 50 mph. So they are adrenaline and fast and exciting and when you’re sitting on a go-kart less than an inch off the ground, you feel like you’re going 100 miles per hour. So it’s a surge of endorphins.”

To hear more about the Go Karts, watch the video below.

To find out more about Off The Grid Mountain Adventures, including pricing, visit their website at:

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