Randy Hensley: Pastor, father of six, head of Coalition for Kids

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(WJHL) — There’s a saying that if you find something you love to do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Community Hero Randy Hensley lives that every day.

Hensley heads Coalition for Kids — a non-profit organization dedicated to offering educational, spiritual, and social guidance to children in our community. But he’s also a pastor at a church, lifts up others who are down on their luck, and he’s a father of six.

“I always say the truth is, I get up, I walk outside and trip in God’s footsteps, and everybody goes, ‘Good job Randy! What an idea,'” Hensley said with a laugh.

In 22 years, Coalition for Kids has served close to ten thousand children, providing a safe place to go after school for homework, snacks, and enrichment programs. It’s a labor of love that Hensley, after opening several successful businesses, turned down twice before accepting.

“We started the Coalition, then three years later I started a church, and I never worked anywhere longer than three years, because I’d go somewhere different, and the Coalition I’m now here 22 years, and it feels like we’re brand new,” he said.

Hensley says the Coalition fits every aspect of his personality and work experience.

“Coalition was many aspects of my life,” he said. “When I opened six companies, the administration the management that I learned I had in me came over with that. Then, the passion that it is faith-based and God’s involved, then you get to add the ministry side, it’s got to do with children, the part I know nothing about except for having to raise six.”

It’s just one of the ways Hensley helps better his community, and most people know him in that role. Normal working days and business hours don’t apply to him as his community reach extends far beyond the Coalition. Helping others get back on their feet is also calling. Once heading down that wrong path himself, Hensley helps others get on the right road.

“Help a guy who’s trying to get into sober living and get a job. In the last six weeks, I’ve worked with a guy and his wife to get them into housing, a job, and a way to get around,” Hensley said.

His work would be stressful to some, but Hensley says faith gives him peace.

“But I don’t worry,” he said. “Because no matter what happens tomorrow, no matter what happens tomorrow, I’m trusting that God’s a good good father, and he’ll help me either through it, over it, or under it, whichever way it needs to be.”

And that mindset feeds into the organization as well, providing a positive working environment, and inspiring the kids who benefit from the Coalition, or his helping hand.

“I just want to serve God one day at a time, as good as I can, and go to bed.”

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