Addiction is not easy to overcome. It’s a tough road for many.

Tia Hughes took her own experience and is building a bridge to help others on their journey. Hughes is in long-term recovery and realized women in recovery needed a place to go. So, she started Bridge to Shore Recovery in Elizabethton.

“Carter County is home,” Hughes said. “And so I really wanted to give back to the community here and give people here in Carter County a chance at recovery.”

Bridge to Shore provides recovery resources, housing, and a place to heal and rebuild their lives and their relationships. They provide resources for recovery and housing. The house currently holds women, with the plan to expand to women with children.

“I have six women, we have a full house and then one emergency bed. So that is used for women who need to get into treatment. So they will come in and stay for a very small period of time in order to get them to the closest treatment center,” Hughes said.

Hughes says the location keeps residents closer to home and their jobs, so they can continue to be a part of society while they find the resources they need to achieve long-term recovery.

“Most all of the women here are employed in Elizabethton,” she said. “So, not only are we giving women a chance in Carter County to find recovery, but we’re also giving back to the community by having more employees in the city.”

Filling a need and giving women a chance to start over and receive help down a tough, but worthwhile, road.