You see the name Food City behind many concerts, festivals, and fundraisers. The grocery chain is deeply entrenched in each community it serves and the service mindset starts at the top.

For Food City President and CEO Steve Smith, building a healthy community is a team effort.

“Community needs to be a place that people want to move to,” he said. “They want to bring their families to get educated, to be able to recreate, to be a good place to raise your children. And create an environment. We think we have a duty if we settle in that town, to be part of it.”

Food City is a big part of it. The company sponsors events, festivals and concerts to name a few, many of which would not be successful without the company’s support. And Smith leads by doing.

“I think it starts with me, and we want to develop a culture of volunteerism and a culture of giving back in our company,” he said. “We actually reward our people and recognize our people for their volunteerism.”

For Smith, it’s simply the way he was raised.

“I worked for my father. I watched him try to make his community a better place to live, work, and raise your kids. And, it’s just part of the culture of our company,” he said.

That concept of strong culture compels its members to help others.

“The old saying that ‘To whom much is given, much is expected’. And we have been, as a company, very blessed to be a successful company, and I think we owe that to the communities that make us successful to our company, to our communities, and to our associates to be a generous company,” Smith said.

A team effort that breeds pride, and values hard work and serving others.

“We talk a lot about the Food City family,” Smith said. “Certainly we’re not a perfect company by any means. But, we do look at our folks, we treat our folks the way we would want our family to be treated. Because they are our family.”