(WJHL) – A local motorcycle club has a unique creed and is committed to helping those who cannot help themselves. The club is growing, and members hope others join their cause.

One of the recipients of their good works is Virginia High student Levi. Levi says he loves to speed down the hall in his wheelchair and encourages his school resource officer to write him a ticket.

The Guardian Riders loved his story and decided to pay him a visit.

“We came out and adopted Levi in as an honorary Guardian Rider today,” said the group’s President Nitro.

The Guardian Riders is a special group, living up to its mission of helping and protecting others who cannot help themselves. Nitro talks about their patch, which is a knight with a drawn sword. In the middle, it reads, ‘Until no child lives in fear’.

“Our knight on our shield Sir Ector, was the sort of the patron of widows and children and on his shield, it says ‘until no child lives in fear’ and that is sort of our creed,” Nitro said.

“What we always stand for is, we’re there to shoulder the burden, you know, be it a battered child or again, it could be veterans or it could be women, homeless, whatever, whoever needs a hand in the community.”

The group’s members come from all walks of life. Some have day jobs and some have experience with other motorcycle clubs.

“They (club members) have a lot of fun with it, but the blessing is all ours,” Nitro says. “This, you know, this is a labor of love for these guys. We all have different backgrounds. We come from different clubs. Some of us don’t have a club background.”

The members do charity rides, provide security and fill gaps in the foster system, abuse shelters and domestic courts.

“That’s who bikers are,” Nitro said. “They dig deep, they give themselves, they give financially. They do a lot of good. And that’s what we’re trying to change, is that perception. And we just try to make a difference in our community.”

By raising money or adding an honorary member to their club like Levi, the Guardian Riders are making a difference to those who need it most.

“We stand in the gap between victims and abusers,” he said. “And we understand that we can’t help everybody and we can’t change the world, but we can change somebody’s life a little bit. Just for a day. Then it’s worth it to us.”

For more information on the Guardian Riders, click here.