Community Heroes: Greene County pride shines through local woman

Community Heroes

GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) – If you ask Tammy Kinser, it doesn’t get any better than Greene County, Tennessee.  Kinser was born and raised here, and she and her husband raised two boys here, as well.

“Being able to know that you’ve done something for somebody, done something for the community, I absolutely love it,” said Kinser. “It’s a passion.  I believe, I always thought of myself as a person that if you get me believing in something, there’s just no stopping.”

And Kinser believes in Greene County.  Her day job is at Apex Bank, but Kinser is everywhere, organizing events and doing her best to promote the area.  Kinser believes a healthy community is not only good for its residents but also its visitors to show Greene County’s beauty is more than skin-deep.

“We want to put on an attractive face, but we want to be able to back that up,” said Kinser.  “We want to be able to tell you we’ve got so many churches and so many civic clubs and so many events, and we’re a historic community.”

It’s this pride in her town and community that inspires her to organize events, promote civic clubs, and show people the true potential of Greene County.

“You get in the middle of an event like that and you have the adrenaline going and you’re rushing and you’re rushing,” said Kinser. “But it takes that one person to come up to you and say, ‘We’ve needed this.’ Or, ‘I’ve really been looking forward to this.’ Or, ‘This really helped my family,’ or ‘It really brought in so many people to our area.’  And that’s all it takes.”

It takes people like Kinser, with the energy and passion for her beloved hometown, to show people how far it’s come, and its unlimited potential.

“It gives you a sense of pride because I have grown up here, and I’ve seen it grow from a small community on up and we have so much to offer, and it’s wonderful to be able to promote that no matter what I’m doing,” Kisner said.

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