GRAY, Tenn. (WJHL) — A group of people in Gray have committed to making their community a better place. Whether it’s helping people with supplies, bills, or a night of fun, the Gray Community Chest is there to help.

The Gray Community Chest has hosted its annual block party for more than a decade. Thanks to sponsors and community partners, activities and food from bouncy houses to watermelon are free.

“There’s no money expected from anyone,” said Tony Barnes, the Gray Community Chest president.

The block party’s success wouldn’t be possible without some help.

“It’s a lot of groups put time and energy and money into making this event very successful,” said Rob Aubrey, a chaplain for Gray Community Chest. “We have local schools that are a part of it, local community groups, and of course businesses as well.”

While kids enjoy snow cones, and families eat nachos, they are all together. It’s just one of the goals of the Gray Community Chest. Other days of the year are filled with helping people who need it most.

“The most important thing we do here at Community Chest, we make sure people are fed,” Barnes said. “We make sure kids have what they need in the schools, we make sure people have a roof over their head. We want to make sure people have lights and water and the basic necessities. Something we take for granted we try to provide to the community.”

And people are grateful to have a place to go and celebrate their community, dance, and look forward to another great year, together.

Adam and Brittany Guinn were at the block party with their son Ridge.

“I think it’s especially important, especially now,” Adam said. “To see everyone together and the community come together, I think it’s huge to see the strides that we’re making as the Gray community.”