(WJHL) — Some think we only have one chance to make a good life. A group of people in Limestone are changing that way of thinking. The folks at Crumley House have proven that second chances can be just as rewarding.

“We don’t want a person to be stored at home or forgot about, so it’s vitally important to get those folks back out,” said Guynn Edwards, the executive director at Crumley House.

People suffering from brain injuries are being given a second chance, thanks to Edwards and the staff at Crumley House in Limestone. Along with physical, speech, and occupational rehab, clients re-learn everyday tasks like counting money and ordering at a restaurant.

“So we actually have cognitive classes where we do those things,” Edwards said. “They learn to balance a checkbook. It’s not always physical rehab or speech or occupational. A lot of it is re-training the brain to do things that we used to.”

The clients enjoy each others’ company and their favorite time together is going on outings. From the bowling alley to a Smokies game, their fun is also what leaders call “community re-entry”, and Edwards says it’s vital.

“I think a person with a brain injury that’s been given a second chance, oftentimes family and friends change,” Edwards said. “So, being able to just get back into the community, socialize, go to a restaurant, go shopping, it’s just so important to their rehab.”

Especially during the holidays, Crumley House clients find buying simple gifts for their family gives them a sense of pride.

“Just the feeling of self-worth to go to the dollar store, for instance, and pick up a pair of socks, or a wine glass for their sister or something,” Edwards said. “It doesn’t cost that much. But, for them to be able to go out into the community, make these purchases on their own, and then give their family a gift, it means more to them than you’ll ever know.”