(WJHL) — A 6th grader in the Tri-Cities is helping his neighbors. He’s not getting paid for it, and he’s not charging for his time and labor.

11-year-old Boone Maskew stays busy. Not just with school and activities. Boone works hard growing vegetables before placing them in a roadside stand to give away.

“We only had a few plants just around the house and we still had extra with our pepper plants, tomato plants,” Boone’s mom, Tara Maskew, said. “And Boone had noticed how much extra we had because there were some going bad sitting on the counter. And it really was his idea, like we should give these away. And we just kind of ran with it.”

As his passion for growing grew, so did his vegetable stand. His dad built a sturdy stand that neighbors visit often. Tara says it was all his idea.

“Yeah, we’ve got our own Facebook page,” she said. “So it’s Boone’s Farm and Produce Stand and they share it. We’ve got some really great neighbors and we live in a really great community. I see cars stopping by here all the time and they’ll leave him a couple of dollars as a tip and he’s putting all of that extra money towards next year’s garden.”

Tara says watching her son give to others asking nothing in return is pretty amazing.

“It’s overwhelming. To see the kindness in such a young person. And I think we need a lot more of that. And I’m so proud to be a parent of somebody that thinks like that.”

Boone just loves helping people.

“I feel so happy about, like, giving this stuff away, because then they eat it, and then they say to me, ‘it’s so good.’ So that’s why we’re giving this all away,” Boone said.

And Tara says this is just the start of the amazing things Boone will do.

“He’s got such a big impact on the world. It seems small right now that he’s making such a big difference. I can’t wait to see the huge things that he’s going to do as time comes.”