(WJHL) – We didn’t have to go far to find this week’s Community Hero. For years, Mark Reynolds has spent what free time he has advocating for animal shelters, and their residents. His tireless work has saved countless animals that wouldn’t have a chance at a forever home.

For decades, Mark Reynolds has been on the air, not just giving accurate forecasts, but channeling his love for animals to help those in need of homes.

Tammy Davis, Director of the Washington County Johnson City Animal Shelter says, “Mark Reynolds is amazing. He is such a good advocate and voice for animals, not only in our shelter, just everywhere. I mean, his heart is huge and he really cares about the animals in our community. Him taking the time to come here every week and do Tails And Paws. He does it on his own time because he cares so much and people actually wait.”

Over the years, Mark has shown viewers thousands of dogs and cats, getting a high percentage of them adopted into forever homes.

Davis says visitors “…want to see what he’s going to have on Tails and Paws. They will notify us and they’ll say, you know, I saw Fluffy on Tails and Paws with Mark Reynolds, and they come in and it gets a lot of exposure for the animals here at the shelter.”

Mark not only helps dogs and cats find homes, but he also helps organize fundraisers for the Washington County Johnson City Animal shelter. The annual toy and food drive at the Johnson City shelter has turned into the Tails and Paws Holiday Festival in downtown Johnson City, with Mark’s help.

“He came up with the idea of let’s just do something big,” she says. “Let’s have a whole festival. Let’s make it something big for everybody in the community, from the children to the pets to the people. And he really put a lot of time and effort into the event and helped make it happen.”

You can bet Mark will continue to give that time and effort to find forever homes for as many animals as possible.